Master Plans

Gallo Herbert Architects excels at master planning projects from concept through project completion. The firm has successfully guided institutions, corporate boards and municipal entities through the process of creating a vision and detailing a “road map” master plan for implementation. The firm has pioneered a process that starts by coordinating with jurisdictional agencies on land use, code requirements and local ordinances. Next, Gallo Herbert Architects meticulously researches the area’s history, evolution, socio-economic conditions, growth and transportation trends and patterns, and existing architecture. Based upon the research findings, the firm then recommends innovative design solutions and carefully phases the project in a way that best serves the owner and community. The proposed master plan is done in concert with constituents and community stakeholders in a series of charettes and town hall meetings to reach a consensus from people impacted by the decision. Additionally, Gallo Herbert Architects creates visual and collateral materials as well as graphic designs and wayfinding proposals to support a better understanding of the master plan. This process has proven to be extremely successful in creating educational campuses, residential communities and city developments.